MDR Figaro Interviews ASL About Turbulence Facing Obama Administration

MDR Figaro, a leading culture and news radio program for the Mitteldeutschland region (Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia), interviewed American Studies Leipzig about the current political turbulence facing the administration of President Obama. Reporter Vladimir Baltzar asked if the American people are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the President and if even his own party is beginning to distance itself from the Obama White House. Crister Garrett noted that it was inevitable that as the President made decisions and showed leadership that there would be many disappointed, both on the left and the right of the Democratic party. The President must take care to indeed keep intact a ruling majority in Congress, but that overall he was doing well along this line, and thus would likely be able to pass a historic health insurance bill that, while not perfect, would represent a genuine political milestone in American history.