MDR Figaro Interviews ASL About President Obama’s Nobel Prize

MDR Figaro, a leading culture and news radio program for the Mitteldeutschland region (Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia) interview American Studies Leipzig about the significance of President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. Crister Garrett noted that only about thirty percent of Americans think the President truly earned the prize, in short not just Republicans but Democrats too. Overall the prize comes at a critical time in the Obama presidency, a period where American voters are still deeply insecure about the economy and very worried about the war in Afghanistan. As to the quip that the prize is actually a Nobel War Prize, this is a view much less in America than in Europe. Opinion polls show that Americans (around 70%) are willing to accept the argument that war sometimes is necessary I the pursuit of peace, whereas Europeans are much less willing to accept that proposition (around 30% according to the German Marshall Fund study Transatlantic Trends 2009).