MDR Figaro Interviews ASL About Implications of New Health Insurance Law

The leading news and culture radio show for the tri-state region of Mitteldeutschland, MDR Figaro, interviewed ASL about the implications of the historical vote in Congress to approve a new health insurance system for American citizens. Journalist Thomas Biddle asked Crister Garrett just how significant this victory was for the President, what it could imply for the rest of his agenda, and if voters could possible punish the President in the upcoming mid-term Congressional elections.

Garrett noted that it was arguably the biggest change in American social policy in the last fifty years, and would give the President substantial momentum to tackle other major issues like financial reform and immigration. There is certainly a lot of hard work for the President to do: he must now convince voters that the new health care system means practical benefits for millions of voters; otherwise, they could see the President as simply promoting “big government” and indeed punish him for it come November.