Ironic Hostilitiy: Republicans Attacking the "Liberal" Media

Sitting in the press stands during the speeches last night was very intense. A lot of  hostility towards the media was expressed in the speeches. I felt the negative vibe and wondered if some people would like to throw things at us. Seriously! People in the audience were pointing at the writing press in disgust when the speakers mentioned the “liberal” bias of the media and then they started booing.

It is quite strange for McCain and his Republicans to blame the media for being biased, after all, the media has reported quite favorably about McCain. It is a strategy from the past. As CNN contributor Jeffrey Toobin reminded us, Bush Sr. campaign in 1992 using the slogan “Annoy the media, vote Bush.” Toobin further noted: 

“There is a delicious irony about John McCain attacking the media. There is no politician in recent American history, who has gotten better, more adoring press coverage than John McCain throughout his career. I remember in 2004 when the convention was here in New York, he held a big lunch for all his friends in the news media. He used to joke about it, he called the news media his base. Now suddenly he thinks the news media has turned on him because the news media doesn’t like him anymore? No, I think the news media is doing its job.”