Hessischer Rundfunk Interviews ASL About First Year of Obama Presidency

Hessischer Rundfunk spoke with American Studies Leipzig to assess the first year of the Obama Presidency. Reporter Susanne Schwarzenberg asked what are the larger changes the President has brought about, why his popularity seems to continue to decline, and whether one can give him a “1.0 or a 2.0”. Crister Garrett noted that the President has done a lot to improve America’s image in the world, has launched a new era of diplomatic engagement, and has managed to stabilize the national economy and thus the world economy. The President’s poll numbers would continue to hover around fifty-percent as long as he is willing to tackle big, and controversial, issues (which he is). Clearly the President has made some mistakes in the onslaught of crises which he has had to tackle at once, but overall he has done an admirable job during a period of enormous challenges (thus earning an unofficial “1.3”).