Guest Lecture: Mars and the Evolution of Thought by Prof. Eric Rabkin

On June 29, Eric Rabkin, Professor of English at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, will hold an ASL guest lecture about “Mars and the Evolution of Thought.” The lecture will start at 7 pm and will take place at the New Seminar Building, Room S202.

Eric Rabkin is one of the most eminent scholars in the field of science fiction studies. He (co-)wrote and edited numerous books and articles in the field, among them such classics as Science Fiction: History, Science, Vision (1977), Aliens: The Anthropology of Science Fiction (1987), Fights of Fancy: Armed Conflict in Science Fiction and Fantasy (1993), and Foods of the Gods: Eating and the Eaten in Fantasy and Science Fiction (1996), to name just a few.

In his talk “Mars and the Evolution of Thought,” Eric Rabkin explores the history of humanity‘s observation of and thinking about the planet Mars as a way not only of considering the relationship between ‚knowledge‘ on one hand and ‚narrative‘ and ‚belief‘ on the other, but as a touchstone in tracing some of the ways in which the very nature of human thought has evolved.

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