First Annual MA-Level Graduate Conference Comes to a Close

On March 22 and 23, American Studies Leipzig hosted its first annual graduate conference for MA-level students, entitled “Between Global Village and Global Dump: Placing America in a Transnational World.” During these two days, MA students from universities in England, Poland, Romania, Turkey, and Germany participated in a lively discussion on a variety of issues related to current globalization.

Current Fulbright Fellow, Sheila Lalwani’s keynote speech “Digging in Deep: Lessons on Engaging with Iran, Pakistan and the Muslim World from a US-American Perspective” provided students and numerous guests with hands-on experience and scholarly background to the US’ involvement and policy towards the Muslim World.

The conference, organized by second-year MA students at ASL, provided a forum for MA-level students to present their research and exchange ideas concerning pressing questions and complexities of an increasingly transnational world.

Encompassing seventeen presentations from ten universities, the conference offered a multifaceted discussion on how global dynamics interrelate with identity constructions, international politics and civil society. Approaches to these complex issues included literary studies, social sciences, film studies, and poetic performances.

Further information on the conference can be found here.

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