Senatorial Races to Watch: Stevens vs. Begich (Alaska)

Another congressional race to watch is the senate race in Alaska. Incumbent Republican Senator Ted Stevens, who is the longest-serving Republican senator in the U.S. Senate, has a tougher time than expected defending his seat. The Republican has recently been indicted for lying about gifts he received causing the Republican leadership in Washington to call for his resignation. But Ted fights on. The first poll after the indictment shows a clear advantage for Begich. Winning the Alaska senate seat is critical for the Democrats to win a filibuster-proof Senate majority. 

The Polls:  

DatePollBegich (D)
Stevens (R)* Spread
Oct. 29Rasmussen52%44%Begich +8
Oct. 22Ivan Moore Res.46%45%Begich +1
Oct. 17Research 200048%46%Begich +2
Oct. 10Ivan Moore Res.49%45%Begich +4
Oct. 7Rasmussen48%49%Stevens +1

* Note: Senator Stevens is the incumbent.


The Money Game: 

RaceAll CandidatesAmount
SenateTed Stevens (R)* $4,438,543
Mark Begich (D) $3,046,735
Bob Bird (3) $8,255
Frederick D. (David) Haase (L) $0
Ted Gianoutsos (3) $0


MSNBC: Ted Stevens found guilty on all seven felony counts

Meet Mark Begich: