Senatorial Races to Watch: Franken vs. Coleman (Minnesota)

Former comedian Al Franken is running against freshman Senator Norm Coleman for a senate seat in Minnesota. The race has become a wild card. After leading the polls in double digits, Coleman is losing ground to Al Franken, who is now pulling ahead in the polls. The Big12Battleground poll has Franken leading Coleman by 6 percent, a recent Rasmussen poll has Franken up by 4 percent. The independent candidate Barkley makes things even more unpredictable.


Big12Battleground poll

Oct. 24, 2008

Rasmussen poll

Oct. 23, 2008

Franken40 % 41 %
Coleman34 % 37 %
Barkley15 % 17 %

Financially, Franken and Coleman are off almost equally. It is surprising, however, how successfull Barkley polls considering what he has in the bank: 


All CandidatesAmount


Norm Coleman (R)* $16,760,510
Al Franken (D) $16,121,483
Dean M. Barkley (3) $56,763
James Niemackl (3) $0
Charles Aldrich (L) $0


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