Application Procedure Grosser Wahlbereich American Studies

From a Wahlbereichs-Survey in 2009 we learned that Wahlbereichsstudents find it equally important to have flexibility in their choice of modules and to get an opportunity to build a “Grossen Wahlbereich.” In response to these findings, we have worked hard to find a solution that accommodates both (contradictory) priorities. As of the Fall Semester of 2009, we are able to offer seats in the American Studies “Grosser Wahlbereich.”

In this model, students can declare their intention to complete six WB-modules in the American Studies Leipzig BA program. For students accepted into this track, we guarantee priority enrollment in our Wahlbereich. In turn, students are expected to enroll in at least one American Studies module each semester in order to keep their status.

To apply for the “Grosser Wahlbereich,” students must have completed at least two American Studies modules, and the composition of their Wahlbereich so far must document their strong interest in the field. If eligible demand exceeds the number of seats offered right now, we will select students on the basis of their academic promise in the field of American Studies.

If you are interested in this track, please send an e-mail with your name, your matrikel number, your previous Wahlbereich modules, and your grades in American Studies modules to by midnight on March 18. You will hear back from us on Friday.

Of course, ‘regular’ Wahlbereichs-seats will remain available to students who are interested in American Studies but who do not want to make such a long-term commitment or who do not (yet) meet the requirements for the track.