Afternoon Roundtable with Professor John Boles, March 26

The New South and the United States in the Early 21st Century“
An Afternoon Roundtable with Professor John Boles

Leibniz Professor, Universität Leipzig, Winter Term 2009-2010
William Pettus Hobby Professor of History, Rice University

Friday, March 26th 2010, 1-4 PM American Studies Seminar Room (GWZ 2516)

Professor John Boles, one of the world’s leading authorities on the history of the American South, will explore during this afternoon roundtable the emergence of “the New South” and its implications for American society in the early twenty-first century. The South is still perceived in many corners of the world and the U.S. as relatively “backward” and isolated from the trans- formations unleashed by globalization, the democratic upheavals from the 1960s, and the post Cold War period. In fact, the South has undergone profound changes in recent times, allowing for a discussion about “the New South” and its importance for the country and global discussions about overcoming legacies of the past to encourage if not create new models for social, economic, political, and cultural mobility, entrepreneurship, and integration.

Please join us for what promises to be an engaging and lively discussion.
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There will be readings for the roundtable. Students are strongly encouraged to download the readings and to look at them before the event begins. Please find the readings below.