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 Newsletter on: Picador Professor, MOOC Lecture, Copyright, Conference 

Submitted by Claudia Müller, MA on Mon, 05/13/2013 - 12:54
New Picador Professor Calvin Baker

American Studies Leipzig is honored to announce New York-based writer Calvin Baker as the holder of the Picador Guest Professorship for Literature in the summer term of 2013. Besides teaching two classes at our institute, Professor Baker will also be available for readings and other public events in the upcoming months (soon to be announced).


American Studies Leipzig wants to produce a MOOC Lecture – Please vote for us!

Professor Garrett and the Teaching America team are currently applying for funding from Stifterverband in order to produce a MOOC class. MOOCs are massive open online classes – free to the public and accessible via the internet. Quite some effort has gone into the process of conceptualizing our class ''Critical Decision-Making in Our Contemporary Globalized World.'' The class is an interactive lecture that addresses how globalization changes personal and professional lives as it demands new models of leadership. Particular attention will be paid to aspects of gender, class and ethnic diversity, migration, sexuality and civil rights. The topic will be explored through case studies from Germany and the US.

Please watch the short video of Professor Garrett explaining the class (3 minutes) and take a minute to vote for us to make the class happen - for yourself, for students, and for the general public. Your support is much appreciated!


Copyright and the Classroom

We have been approached with questions concerning copyright. Sometimes these were general concerns about how to use copyrighted material in the classroom and mark it as such. More specific questions aimed at the resources that you can access and use via the teaching portal. The answer here is easy: The resources we upload are free, available, and often created specifically for classroom use. Nevertheless, these resources have been created by someone and are made accessible via an institution, a platform, or some kind of initiative. Therefore, the resources are available at no cost for your education purposes. It is necessary, however, to give credit (to indicate/to write at the bottom of the page) where the resource comes from out of respect and intellectual property rights. Therefore, all the resources on our portal have a short descriptions explaining what they are (e.g. video, lesson plans), for whom they are (e.g. grade 10-12), and who offers them. Therefore, when you use these resources in your classroom, please verbally or visually indicate to your students where they come from.

Coming up soon: Conference ''Poetics of Politics: Textuality and Social Relevance in Contemporary American Literature and Culture''

American Studies Leipzig and American Studies Dresden will host an international academic conference June 20 – 22, 2013 in Leipzig. The event is open to the public. We will provide more information soon as well as material specifically designed for teachers who would like to attend.

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