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 New Category and Upcoming Workshop 

Submitted by Claudia Müller, MA on Tue, 07/30/2013 - 16:27

New Portal Category on "Diversity"

Under the category "US in the Classroom," we have added a fifth glossary on "Diversity," which includes content on various topics ranging from race, ethnicity, gender, and class to age, religion, and nationality. We have also continued working on adding new content that you can implement in your classes as well as working on the overall accessibility of our portal.

Upcoming Workshop

We will offer an afternoon workshop in the fall to talk about President Obama's second term and relevant topics in US American society or politics. Also, we will help you to access and use the portal "Teaching America," introduce you to its functions and sections, and we will be available for your questions and suggestions concerning the portal. We will have more details on this workshop after the summer break.

Have a good summer break,
The Teaching America Team
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