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 Information and Invitation "Poetics of Politics" 

Submitted by Claudia Müller, MA on Fri, 06/14/2013 - 15:31
In less than one week scholars of American studies will meet in Leipzig to discuss political and poetic notions in texts from literature, film, non-fiction, television, and new media. Analyzing the crossroads of contemporary American literary and political cultures, the conference wants to shed light on the textual dynamics by which texts in and across the realms of literature, culture, and politics negotiate political issues and assert their own social relevance.

The presentations thus deal with the political in novels, poetry, theater, and film, in television series, blogs, and video games, and in non-fictional texts. As members of the Teaching America project, you have exclusive access to detailed information on each of the conference presentations. If you are interested, for example, in the role of the CIA in films like Argo or Zero Dark Thirty, in the imaginative in the 9/11 Commission Report, or in gender representations in Mad Men–to name just three out of fifteen highly fascinating topics–take a look at the material we prepared for you and put online in the American Studies Portal at weiterbildungsmoodle: wbmoodle.uni-leipzig.de/login

The conference takes place from June 20 – 22 in Leipzig. It is part of the Dresden-Leipzig research initiative Selbst-Bewusste Erzählungen and it is open to the general public. You find more information on the conference's program, venues, and on registration on the conference homepage: www.narrativeculture.de/!/PoP

If possible, please pre-register in advance via email to mail@selbst-bewusste-erzaehlungen.de, and note that there is a conference fee of 10 € to be paid at the conference venue.

We would be very happy to see some of you at the conference.

Also, this is a chance that we can get to know each other in real life, as some of the people behind Teaching America will be present or even presenting at the conference.

See you or hear from you soon,
The Teaching America Team
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