ASL's "Teaching America" Participated in University's "Tag der Lehre"

Tag der Lehre (October 23, 2013)

The University of Leipzig held its first “Tag der Lehre” this past Wednesday and we took part in it with our “Teaching America” project. The “Tag der Lehre” is a forum for different innovative teaching projects from our university.

We took this opportunity to showcase the work we have been doing on the portal and to present our plans for how the future module will be taught and integrated. Our team prepared and presented a poster.

Workshop (December 2, 2013)

We are very pleased to report that many of you have registered for our December, 2 workshop titled “Obama 2.0: Real Change This Time?.” We will share more detailed information on the program of the day and the locations of our event in an upcoming newsletter to all workshop participants. You will also find information on the event on our page.

The Teaching America Team