Student Orientation 2008

During the annual student orientation, the American Studies Leipzig community has welcomed the entering BA and MA classes of 2008. The welcoming events were complemented by orientation sessions for the BA ‘06 and BA ‘07 classes, as well as the Magister cohort in the program.

New BA entering Class

The entering BA class of 2008 consists of 42 students from around Germany and the world. During a two full days of orientation events, the students introduced themselves to one another, received important information about their upcoming studies and the opportunities that come with pursuing American studies at Leipzig. Welcomed by the student council, the American Studies Alumni Association (ASAA), and the program faculty, the students got a first impression of the American Studies Leipzig community. Later, they set off for a scavenger hunt across Leipzig, split up into eight groups and taking pictures of their scenic re-enactment of presidents, novels, films, states, constitutional ammendments, etc. All eight groups edited fotos of their enactments into collages (See the group’s pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 for details) and competed for prices that were awarded after the second long day of orientation events, as part of the traditional welcome BBQ.
Of course, there are more pictures of these two days.

New MA entering Class

Also an international group, the entering MA class is six students strong. The new cohort met for a brief getting-to-know-each-other, were briefed on the opportunities coming up in the next semester and years, and then went off on a tour of city and campus organized by the MA class of 2007.



All orientation events would have been impossible without the energetic group of volunteers who not only worked tirelessly in the background, but also waited in the cold until the last group passed by during the scavenger hunt. So, the final shout out goes to the volunteers.