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 Picador Courses SS 2010 

Submitted by Dr. Sebastian M. Herrmann on Tue, 04/13/2010 - 10:04

Picador courses, seminars taught by a practitioner of literature, are an exceptional feature of our programs and a unique chance to deepen your understanding of literature and to earn additional qualifications outside the usual curriculum.

In the Summer of 2010, Picador Professor for Literature Christian Hawkey will teach two courses in the American Studies Program. Both courses are open to students from all American Studies Programs at Leipzig (BA, MA, Magister), as well as students from other institutes.

After receiving a lot of questions about these courses, we decided to bundle all information in this post. Accordingly, you will find detailed course descriptions for both courses, as well as additional information on the parameters for enrolling below. The two seminars are closely related. You can take either of these courses independently, but taking both courses is strongly encouraged.


Creative Writing: Recuperative Poetics: Writing Practices in Cultural Sustainability

Time: Wednesday 3:00 PM to 4:30 pm. First Class: 28 Apr.
Location: GWZ 2 5.16

This writing workshop is linked with the reading seminar Recuperative Poetics: Theories of Cultural Sustainability, + it will explore the practice of recuperative poetics. We will learn to use various writing + investigatory (action-based) procedures, such as sustained looking practices, note taking for field books, audio recording + transcription, archive investigation, + site-specific research. The goal will be to use such creative + critical practices to develop our own recuperative project, one that focuses on recovering a specific aspect of culture that has been repressed, unrepresented, or simply lost to the passage of time. We will engage in walks, site-specific explorations, expeditions, + archive research. Be ready to step out of the classroom + into a more flexible, open, + versatile way of looking at poetic writing, at the past, + at how we can, out of that past, construct a more diverse + desired world.

Literary Studies: Theories of Cultural Sustainability

Time: Thursday 9:15 PM to 10:45 pm. First Class: 29 Apr.
Location: GWZ 2 5.16

What role can poetry play in resisting mono-cultural paradigms? How can poetics (defined here as a philosophical stance + methodology located at the intersection of daydreaming, attentiveness, ambiguity, + conceptual complexity) be used + deployed to maintain cultural hybridity + diversity? The goal of this course will be to explore how poetics can expand our notions of sustainability to include cultural preservation + recuperation. We will first examine a handful of core texts on sustainability, poetics, + the construction of archives (Henry David Thoreau, David Abrams, Alfonso Lingis, Foucault, Bachelard, Haraway) + then, for the rest of the course, we'll examine both visual media (The Atlas Group, Omer Fast, Allan Kaprow) + poetry projects (M. Nourbese Philip, Juliana Spahr, Inger Christensen, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Cole Swenson) that show us how poetic utterance + structure can be deployed to claim agency in the fields of cultural preservation + recuperation. Note: this is a reading seminar, + it should be taken in conjunction with the following practice-based writing workshop: Recuperative Poetics: Writing Practices in Cultural Sustainability.

For more information on Christian Hawkey, please refer to his page at the American Studies webpage.

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