Lehramt Modules in the Fall 2014/15

As Englisch Lehramt transitions from the BA/MA system to the Staatsexamen, American Studies Leipzig will offer both American Studies Lehramt modules *-1401 and *-2401 in both the Fall Term of 2014/15 and the Summer Term of 2015. In both semesters, the modules will be offered with limited capacity, and you are accordingly asked to enroll this term already if your schedule permits. Since we offer both modules in both semesters, we cannot guarantee that you will get a spot next semester, so if you can take the module now, do it.


Modul *-1401: “Literatures and Cultures of the USA”

The module consists of a lecture, a seminar, and a tutorial. Students must participate in all three parts. The module exam consists of two parts: a written exam on the tutorial (Übersetzen) and a written exam in the seminar that covers the content of both the lecture and the seminar.

Vorlesung “Literatur der USA” (Prof. Dr. Anne Koenen)
[first session on 23. October]
Thu, 9-11 am
GWZ 2 0.10
Seminar “Kultur und Diversität der USA” (Anne Grob, MA)

Thu, 3-5 pm
NSG 322
Fri, 1-3 pm
NSG 304
Übung “Übersetzen”

Birte Möpert
Tue, 5-7 pm
HS 003
David Rush
Thu, 11-1 pm
HS 003
David Rush
Fri, 11-1 pm
HS 003



Modul *-2401: “American Literatures, American Societies”

The module is designed specifically to train future teachers in utilizing electronic resources, e-teaching, and e-learning to teach American Studies material in the classroom. For more information on this innovative format, cf. our project homepage. The module consists of a seminar and a lecture. The module exam consists of an extensive e-teaching project prepared by the students in the seminar.

Seminar “Teaching America” (Anne Grob, MA)

Wed, 5-7 pm
GWZ 2 5.16
Thu, 11-13 pm
GWZ 2 5.16
(choose either of the lectures as
inspiration for your seminar project)

“Literature and Culture I”
(Prof. Dr. Anne Koenen)
Fri 9-11 am
GWZ 2 0.10
“Society, History, and Politics II”
(Prof. Crister Garrett)
Wed, 11-1 pm
HS 10


Both modules already follow as much as legally possible the new and improved Studien- and Prüfungsordnungen that are currently under way and that we expect to come into effect as part of the Staatsexamen model during the next semester. For both modules, these new versions reduce the amount of exams students need to take, they reduce in-class workload and put more emphasis on self-study and independent project work.