Guest Lecture by Film Studies Scholar J.L. Jarvis

Please join us for a guest lecture by Florida-based Film Studies scholar J. L. Jarvis on Wednesday, 2. June 2010, 5-7pm in the ASL Seminar Room 2 5.16.

In her talk on “The Transformation of Form: The Evolution of the Modern Hollywood Screenplay Structure,” Jarvis will discuss narrative structures of Hollywood screenplays:

Following a structure laid out in Aristotle’s The Poetics, the majority of the first 100 years of Hollywood films followed a three act plot structure, which divided the plot neatly into beginning, middle and end. However, in the wake of postmodernism, Hollywood filmmakers are redefining structural methods of storytelling. Looking at Hollywood films such as The Wizard of Oz, Pulp Fiction, Memento, The Princess Bride, Moulin Rouge and Atonement, this lecture will analyze the evolution of the Hollywood film form, looking at both the Three Act Paradigm and a closely related relative, the storyteller structure.