Ethnicity and Diversity II

Starting in the Summer of 2016, American Studies Leipzig will replace the linguistics module “04-001-1012: Language and Society III” with a new module “Ethnicity and Diversity II.” To prepare for that and as a trial run, the module will be offered as an extracurricular module in the summer of 2015 already.

By taking the module now, you can earn extracurricular credit that will be converted to regular credit in the module once the module is officially available in 2016. To enroll in “Ethnicity and Diversity II,” simply send an email with your name and student number to

The module “Ethnicity and Diversity II” consists of

  • a seminar on Mixed Race America in U.S. Literature
  • a seminar on Phraseology
  • a tutorial on Written Academic Discourse

More details are available via the course catalog.

If you need to earn credit for E&D-II this semester already, you can also study E&D-II and receive credit for LS-III instead. To do so, you need to enroll in LS-III via TOOL and replace one linguistics seminar with the “Mixed Race America” seminar.

Please note: Since E&D-II will replace LS-III, you can only have either of the two modules in your study portfolio.