ASL Launches new DFG-funded Research Network on "Narrative Liminality"

American Studies Leipzig is launching a new DFG-funded Research Network. The research initiative aims to explore the symbolic operations that take place in the liminal area between narrative and other symbolic forms (such as data/bases, play, ritual, etc). It thus seeks to complement American studies' interest in narrative, surging since the narrative turn, by an interest in other symbolic forms. However, where other projects on non-narrative symbolic logics tend to focus on binarisms between narrative and these other forms, the network is interested in scrutinizing the liminality of these border areas, the way that cultural artifacts draw on multiple symbolic orders, or the way in which they travel in and out of narrative, showing latent or residual narrativity.

The research network proceeds from the hypothesis that these dynamic exchanges in the liminal areas of narrative gain particular cultural currency in contexts of sociocultural transformation. It thus aims to explore how narrative liminality has served as a key idiom in the negotiation of American modernities.

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