For the Addicts: Fighting the Post-Election Hangover

For those of us who got used to checking out the latest polling data starting around 6pm in the afternoon and making this a central element of their procrastination schedule, the election was a real bummer. Not because of the result, but because the numbers game is over now.

However, at least for now, there already seems to be a new thing to look at. It’s not a presidential election, and it won’t hold our interest for the next two years, but it may be better than Cold Turkey: The Senate Race of 2010. The “next right” started it with a post on 8 November looking at the senate race and the seats that seem most contested, in order to try to find out how the republicans can win the senate back. Similarly, Nate Silver (check out today’s NYT for a nice article on him) of has started a series yesterday that also looks at the senate races… I guess it’s better than no numbers at all :)