Exam Dates

Literature & Culture II

Presentations: 25 July, 1-7 pm
Papers Due: 7 September
Lecture Exam (Klausur): 17.7., 9-11 am


Literature & Culture III

Oral Exams:
10 July (Prof. Pisarz-Ramírez)
14 July (Prof. Verdecchia)


Society, History, and Politics I

Seminar a) (Eric Fraunholz): Mon, July 7 and July 14
Seminar b) (Tobias Schlobach): Tues, July 1, July 8 and July 15
Seminar c) (Anja Eifert): Wed, July 2, July 9 and July 16 

Papers Due:
Übung a) 15 July
Übung b) 16 July
Übung c) 16 July

Final Exam: Tuesday, July 22, 9-11 am, HS 8

due date for the final exam is Friday 1 August for all tutorials

Anglo-American World in a Global Context

Presentations: as of 3 July
Papers Due: End of August


Introduction to Linguistics for American Studies

Klausur: 23 July, 10-12 am


Language and Society III – Language in Transition

Oral Exams: 16 July


Society, History, and Politics III

Papers Due: 22 Sep (Prof. Garrett)
Due Date for Written Assignment: 18 August (Prof. Laga)


Media & Society in a Transatlantic Context

Papers Due: 21 August


Interamerican Studies and Latino Cultures

Papers Due: 30 September


Difference & Literature

Papers Due: 31 August


Political Cultures in a Transatlantic Context

Papers Due: 22 September


Transatlantic Space

Papers Due: 29 Sep


SQM “Transcultural Literacy”

Papers Due: 15 July