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 Threads and Mind Maps 

Submitted by Richard A. Bachmann on Fri, 12/10/2010 - 15:18

After the past chaotic days it seems that Leipzig can take a deep breath of relief today. Tons of new snow and icy rain caused the total collapse of the city´s public transportation system on Wednesday which made national news. Today everything is quiet as nothing has happened. It´s a beautiful winter morning. The sun is shining, making the snow glistening. Murals of light and shadow, constantly in flux, are being painted on the facades of the buildings that I can see from my window. I put on some Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You; music that just perfectly fits moments like this.

Seated at my desk I take a look around my room. I study the things which I´ve amassed during the past three years. In doing so I once more come to realize that connected to every item there is a story; written and re-written by our memories and past emotions. There is this old leather couch, for example, that I like spending hours reading on. Just looking at it now starts creating a narrative whose progress I can hardly control. It all commences with the memory of the place where the couch once belonged to – the used book store where I was working at from March to July. Piles of books in many different languages, the smell of coffee and old paper, the barking of Meggy and the sniffing sounds she made. It takes me some time to rediscover the place and its wonders in my head but once the geography of the store is brought back to mind, the face of its funny owner Jens suddenly pops up. Now I´m beginning to go over some conversations we had, the jokes we cracked, and some of the stranger situations we were involved in. It makes me smile. I finally end up thinking about some things that allegedly crossed my mind while I was working there and I realize that I´m already thousand miles away from where I started with the story.

So I could muse for hours and hours about my life just by looking at the things that surround me. If our life is in fact a narrative, made up of things and memories, it´s an epic where we get lost all the time. Hence, I try to imprint in my mind what my room looks like since it harbores millions of stories. I try to memorize the tiniest details because I feel with Athens only two weeks away there is a chapter of my life´s narrative about to be finished and a new one ready to begin.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing thoughts Richard! I kind of experienced those dynamical trains of thoughts when I left Berlin and at the same time Potsdam University, and came to Leipzig to turn to a new page in the narrative of my life.

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