New Short Story by Former Picador Professor Alexander Chee in The New York Times

Former Picador Professor Alexander Chee has written a new short story for T-magazine’s Nov. 15 Travel issue. It is set in Leipzig and is one of three original short stories written exclusively for the magazine.

Alexander Chee is the author of the novels “The Queen of the Night” and “Edinburgh,” as well as the essay collection “How To Write An Autobiographical Novel.” In 2012 he was the Picador Professor at the University of Leipzig. During his stay he became fascinated with the history of North Koreans living in East Germany during the time the Berlin wall fell. Many years later, this ghost story came from that.

The short story “Did You Die At Home?” is about the ghost of a former North Korean diplomat that finds his way back to Leipzig, and to the woman he once loved.

You can read “Did You Die At Home?” here.