New Arrangements in the Bibliotheca Albertina

While the doors to the Bibliotheca Albertina had been closed for the sake of everyone’s health during the current COVID-19 situation, some rearrangements in the organization of the open access areas for British and American Studies took place. Previously located on the first floor in the West Wing (on the left-hand side), the American Studies area can now be found in the East Wing (on the right-hand side). Additionally, you will now find a sitting lounge consisting of small tables and armchairs there, which was kindly sponsored by American Space Leipzig. You will hopefully be able to use it very soon. American Space Leipzig will also provide a collection of over 400 e-books that will be a great addition to our Frank Freidel Memorial Library. If you visit the Bibliotheca Albertina, please remember to wear a mask and keep the required distance to your fellow students.