Ceremonial Storytelling: Book launch concludes successful Leipzig – Dresden Research Collaboration

The joint research initiative “Selbst-Bewusste Erzählungen“ between scholars at ASL and TU Dresden has concluded its final project with the release of Frank Usbeck’s book on “Ceremonial Storytelling: Rituals and Narrative in Post-9/11 US Wars” published by Peter Lang earlier this month.

As a final milestone of Usbeck’s project on war narratives, the monograph investigates the public discourse on war experience and psychological injury from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Having analyzed writings by activist scholars, soldier blogs, and civic multimedia projects on “homecoming scenarios”, Usbeck finds that US civil society seems increasingly concerned about trauma and the reintegration of veterans.

Usbeck conducted his research project working at both ASL and TU Dresden. As part of the joint research initiative focusing on textual and social self-confidence and self-consciousness (“Selbst-Bewusstsein”), his project was kindly supported by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) including funding for a number of research and conference trips to California, Oklahoma, and Arizona.

For more information on the project and the publication, please see Dr Frank Usbeck’s website, and the attached publisher’s flyer.

(Image source: Patrizia Meinert / Freepik; www.patriziameinert.com)

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