Teachers Shared Their Experiences With New Media in the Classroom

On May 15, ASL's Teaching America Project was very glad to host two teachers, Ms. Buhnar-Mittelstädt of the Gutenbergschule and Ms. Eder-Panev of the Karl-Heine-Schule. Both teachers who contribute to the Teaching America project on a regular basis provided a particularly enriching experience for our teaching training students attending ASL’s new seminar “Teaching America: E-Teaching, E-Learning and Best Practice.”

The first talk by Ms. Buhnar-Mittelstädt gave an overview of vocational training schools in Saxony and illustrated how English is implemented in the curriculum. She also highlighted in how far E-sources such as online newspapers, podcasts, and other E-material can be used in addition to textbooks in the vocational training school classroom.            

Following this talk, Ms. Eder-Panev provided out students with insights into the educational branches of Berufliches Gymnasium and Fachoberschule. Like her colleague, Ms. Eder-Panev also presented specific information in regard to topics that teachers and students at these particular schools are most interested in. This information was particularly interesting to our Teaching America students, as they will develop lesson plans for the Teaching America Portal as part of their seminar requirements. These lesson plans will then be uploaded into the Teaching America portal which all teachers in Saxony can access and use in their teaching. The close link between teacher training students at Leipzig University and schools in Saxony that the Teaching America seminar fosters, will also enable teacher training students to try out their newly-developed lesson plans in Leipzig schools at the end of the semester. This will not only improve the teaching abilities of our teaching training students, but will also increase the number of America-related topics in Saxony’s English classes, and will further improve English teachers’ ability to use new media sources in their classes, as one of the highlights of the seminar is to create lesson plans that include a variety of new e-teaching resources.

Both teachers shared their experiences with new media in the classroom, and encouraged the 40 attending teacher training students to use online sources and platforms like MeSax in their classes. They also provided some feedback on how to convince teachers in Saxony to increase the amount of new media sources in the classroom.

For more information on the Teacher America Project and Seminar visit our website http://americanstudies.uni-leipzig.de/content/laboruni or contact Anne Grob (anne.grob@uni-leipzig.de).