DLF Radio Interviewed ASL's Prof. Garrett About the Letter Bombs

This week, 12 pipe bombs were sent to prominent Democrats and Trump critics. On Oct. 25, American Space Leipzig Director, Crister S. Garrett, talked to Deutschlandfunk Radio about the incidents.

It is clear, Prof. Garrett explains, that this was attempted terrorism against critics of the Trump administration. This form of American domestic terrorism is not new; it is reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, killing 168 people.

It is hard and too early to speculate about reasons and purpose of the bomb threats. Such an act cannot only be blamed on the current political and media rhetoric, much like video games or music cannot be blamed for causing violent behavior. Such tendencies, psychological studies have shown, must be looked at through the lens of the perpetrator’s biography or possible psychological problems.

Regardless of the intentions, the bomb threats add to a feeling of disunity and mistrust. Both parties need to find a way to work together and rebuild confidence in American democratic institutions.


You can listen to the interview with Prof. Crister S. Garrett at Deutschlandfunk Radio. The interview was conducted in German.