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 Deutschlandfunk Interviews Amerian Studies Leipzig about Crisis in the Ukraine 

Submitted by Eric W. Fraunholz on Tue, 02/10/2015 - 15:54

Deutschland Funk interviewed American Studies Leipzig about the escalating crisis in the Ukraine and the role of German-American cooperation to find a solution.

Journalist Jürgen Limensky asked Professor Crister S. Garrett if there was discord between Chancellor Merkel and President Obama about the role of possible defensive weapon deliveries to the Ukrainian forces to counter Russian military-supported operations on Ukrainian territory.

Professor Garrett noted that during the Merkel-Obama press conference in Washington DC, the U.S. President was very careful to note that no decision has been made about weapons, and that the ultimate goal is to move Putin to implement the Minsk Accord that he signed. Chancellor Merkel underscored this point and stressed that economic sanctions were also necessary to compel Russia to respect the full territorial integrity of Ukraine.


You can listen to the four-minute-interview here:


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