Dear PGF Enthusiasts,

as you probably know, the upcoming DGfA/GAAS conference in Regensburg will feature a number of PGF activities. We will start with the Young Scholars Forum, an open discussion forum in which we will pass the baton to the organizers of the PGF 2011 in Gießen and debate a number of issues surrounding the PGF. Additionally, there will be a PGF Lunch for which all young academics are invited to join us at the mensa and chat with us, the Gießen Team, and each other. Last, but certainly not least, we will host the Keynote Discussion Workshop, in which the keynote speakers of the conference and the participants of the concluding panel discussion will speak about their contributions to the conference and their scholarly work in general with us. All of these activities are explicitly meant to let people know about the PGF, so please bring a friend!

The organizers in Regensburg kindly supplied us with detailed information about the exact dates and locations for all of them, so that you know when and where to find us when looking at the program. You can find a map of the city with the event locations at the bottom of the post.


1) Thursday, 16 June, 3pm to 5pm

The Young Scholars Forum will be at the Bonhoeffer-Saal, (1. Stock), Evangelisches Bildungswerk, Am Ölberg 2.


2) Friday, 17 June, 12:30pm to 2pm

The PGF Lunch will be at the kleine Mensa. The attached maps show you both the location of the mensa building on the campus and the location of the kleine mensa in the mensa building.

Please note that we will meet at the exit of H24 in the Verfügungsgebäude der Geisteswissenschaften after the keynote lecture and walk people over there. You can find the Verfügungsgebäude on the campus map in the upper right corner as PT5.


3) Saturday, June 18,  2pm to 5:30pm

The Keynote Discussion Workshop will be held at H26 at the Verfügungsgebäude der Geisteswissenschaften.


Location Map:

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