ASL Doctoral Students Present their Work at Conferences in the US

ASL doctoral students Florian Bast and Marie Löffler recently presented their work at two conferences in the US. On 17 March, they participated in the 43rd annual convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association in Rochester, NY. As part of a panel on “Speculative Literature from the African Diaspora: Creating Heroes and Heroines,” Ms. Loeffler spoke on “Contemporary African American Women’s Vampire Fiction: Constructing ‘Plots of Power,’” and Mr. Bast gave a talk on “The Unreliable Heroine: Fledgling’s Shori as Octavia Butler’s Most Problematic Protagonist”

One 21 March, both showcased the results of their research at the 33rd International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, organized by the International Association on the Fantastic in the Arts. The IAFA is the largest and premier schlarly organization worldwide to promote and recognize achievement in the study of the fantastic. The two doctoral students presented as part of a panel they had organized themselves called “The Many Faces of the Black Vampiress: Octavia Butler’s Fledgling,” in which Ms. Loeffler presented a paper on “Unspeakable Desire: Interracial Liasons in Octavia Butler’s Fledgling” and Mr. Bast spoke on “‘Shori Mathews has Told us the Truth’: Unreliable Narration in Octavia Butler’s Fledgling.” The panel additionally included a presentation by Professor Thomas Cassidy on “Monsters and Power: The Construction of Race and Identity in Octavia Butler’s Fledgling.” Mr. Bast also later chaired a different panel entitled “Three Approaches to Octavia Butler.”