Welcome BA 2008

Dear Incoming BA Students.

Next Tuesday, October 7, we will welcome you to the program with two days of orientation events starting at 9.30am. For a detailed plan of these mandatory events, please see: americanstudies.uni-leipzig.de/node/597. Once again, the program has been in very high demand, and we look forward to meeting those of you who have been accepted into the program.

If you want to, you can already take one step toward becoming a member in the American Studies Leipzig community and sign up for our webpage. This, of course, is not compulsory, but having a login for the webpage will allow for much more interaction, such as commenting posts in the American Studies Leipzig Election Blog, etc.

So far, uid\">" . $item->name . ""; } $last = array_pop($names); echo $cnt; ?> students from the incoming BA 2008 cohort have registered. .