BA Module Registration Confirmation for the Wahlbereich WS 09/10

The lists of students accepted into American Studies Leipzig BA modules for their Wahlbereich is available for download as of now.

Students who find their Matrikel-No. on this list need to confirm their registration at the American Studies Institute on Thursday, 5. Oct. 2009, 1pm to 5pm or Friday,  Oct. 2008, 9am to 4pm. Please bring along your student id, documentation of the required English skills (you need to give evidence of at least 8 years of instruction, e.g. by your high school diploma, language certificates, etc.), and of completed prerequisites (if applicable). Please see the PDF files for details.

Please note that the capacities for the parallel classes are limited, and that slots are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

We are, of course, aware that for some modules the number of seats is comparatively low. In the past, the university overbooked our Kernfach cohorts, initially compensating for this overbooking with additional teaching funds. For this semester, the university has not granted any additional teaching money, forcing us to cut back on the number of Wahlbereichs seats we can offer in order to keep seminar sizes workable. We understand that this creates a frustrating experience for you. It is, unfortunately, a development that is beyond our control.

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