BA 2006 Project Modules

As part of their BA education, students of the class of 2006 have completed two different projects: A wiki-homepage on American Studies Leipzig and a conference on job opportunities for students of American studies.


About their project, the students write:

AmStudyPedia is a study guide for future as well as for currents students of American Studies (Amerikanistik) at Leipzig University. The entire website was planned, organized and contributed by Bachelor students (Class of 2006) as part of the project module in the fifth semester.
The goal of the website is to offer supporting information on the American Studies Leipzig Institute, especially focusing on the Bachelor program. Since it is organized as a wiki, the information is easy to access. In addition to that, the website combines objective facts with subjective experiences. On the one hand, important issues (like the application procedure) are explained in an understandable way, also offering necessary deadlines and links. On the other hand, helpful tips based on personal experiences are included; hence, supporting everything with additional aspects.
By doing so, the website is not only educating, but also entertaining. The research was done by all members of the AmStudyPedia Team with the help of combining different sources like books, websites and journals, but also by conducting surveys and interviews, especially developed for the purposes of this website; thus, using knowledge and skills acquired through the course of our studies.
By developing a study guide which is easy to access, combines objective facts with personal experiences and is the result of teamwork, the AmStudyPedia Team hopes to offer an honest support for all students interested in American Studies.

Please note that the content on the amstudypedia webpage can be edited by a general audience and should thus not be your only source when planning your studies at Leipzig. The link is:


For the first time the 3rd year BA students majoring in American Studies host the Undergraduate Symposium – a one-day event showcasing a eight research projects accomplished by the students. In the context of a project module the students investigated America-based issues of their interest. Now they share their results in form of oral presentations at the Symposium, each taking about 15 minutes. By dicussing diverse aspects of the US-culture, the lectures provide a deep insight into the American cultural phenomenon called the “American Pie.” The thematical priorities are: Popular culture – Myth and Reality – Media. (Please click here to read more.)