ASL Student Mascha Lange Earns Pre-Doc Award to Pursue Doctoral Project

American Studies Leipzig is proud and happy to announce that Mascha Lange and Dr. Stefan Schubert have been granted one of Leipzig University's Pre-Doc Awards. The award will allow Mascha Lange to bridge the gap between the phase of having finished her academic degree and trying to secure long-term funding for a doctoral project. Thematically, this project, supervised by Prof. Katja Kanzler and Dr. Schubert, will focus on “New Conceptualizations of Sexual Violence in Contemporary US American Literature and Culture.”

The Pre-Doc program brings together pre-doctoral researchers working on a proposal for their dissertation project and postdocs supervising, mentoring, and assisting that effort. The awards are coordinated by the Research Academy Leipzig and were first given out in 2017. This second round of the awards called for proposals by the end of December 2018, for which Ms. Lange and Dr. Schubert applied with a detailed plan of Ms. Lange's doctoral project, their proposed collaboration, and the specifics of their planned work schedule. Last week, they were informed that their proposal was among the ones accepted by the program's selection committee. Accordingly, the one-year funding period will be used to continue researching and developing the project and to then write grant proposals to secure doctoral funding. During this time, Ms. Lange and Dr. Schubert will collaborate on the different phases of the project and connect with the other Pre-Doc teams supported by this funding line.