ASL Receives LiT-Funding for SHRIMP Project

American Studies Leipzig's learning and teaching experiment SHRIMP will receive additional funding by the Verbundprojekt Lehrpraxis im Transfer, a joint initiative by Saxony's universities meant to stimulate didactic innovation.

After its launch in May, the additional monies will allow the SHRIMP project to add a second project phase in which the Social Hypertext Reader will travel to Dresden to be used in American Studies teaching there. The cooperation will provide important new insights into the possibilities and intricacies of using hypertext in a seminar setting, it will add additional impulses to the content of the reader as the colleagues in Dresden further expand its textual universe, and it will be an important opportunity to deepen the conversation about teaching American studies in Saxony. In this, this second round of funding underscores both the didactic potential of the SHRIMP project and ASL's role as a facilitator of regional exchange.

The cooperation is chaired by Prof. Anne Koenen (Leipzig), Prof. Crister Garrett (Leipzig) and Prof. Katja Kanzler (Dresden). Coordination of the project is done by Dr. Sebastian Herrmann and the SHRIMP team. For more information about SHRIMP, please refer to the project's home page or its facebook page.