Winter Semester 2021/22 COVID-19 Updates

[ Most recently updated on January 7, 2022 ]

We will use this news item to keep you updated on the impact of SARS-CoV-2/COVID on instruction and other curricular aspects in the 2021/22 winter semester. This news item serves as the authoritative source on all curricular questions introduced by the pandemic.

Courses, Exams, and Instruction

  • All instruction at ASL in the winter term will be done in person (unless otherwise indicated). Please see our separate news item for more details and make sure to read the university’s guidelines on what is required for participation. Among others, everybody needs to be vaccinated, recovered, or tested; medical masks are mandatory; and everybody needs to ‘check into’ rooms via the Corona-Warn-App.
    • Update (Nov 29): The latest university regulations leave it open to instructors whether classes should continue to take place in person or should be switched to digital formats. In the face of the current (dynamically changing) pandemic situation, ASL instructors are trying to find solutions that make the most sense for individual classes and cohorts. Hence, your instructors will specifically talk to you about potential changes.
    • Additionally, in order to give students the option to self-isolate before visiting their family over the break, ASL classes in the weeks of December 13 and January 3 can generally be moved online, which your instructors will also discuss with you.
    • Update (Dec 6): According to the updated university regulations, classes in the weeks of December 13 and January 3 will generally take place online, so this is not just an option anymore. As mentioned before, your instructors will reach out to you about that. 
    • Update (Jan 7): As before the holiday break, classes will take place either in-person or digitally, as per your instructors’ individual decisions.
  • Generally, please always keep up to date regarding the university’s Corona regulations, specifically via the student emails that the university circulates centrally and via the university website.
  • For online classes, please make sure that you read our digital classes guidelines (also linked below) for some important hints on how best to learn and participate in online environments.
  • Module registration will take place as usual, via TOOL. See our separate news item for more information.
  • The Orientation Day for first-semester students takes place on September 30. See this page for more information.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, classes will begin in the week of October 11. See the course catalog for exceptions. The course catalog has also been updated with the rooms and lecture halls for our classes.
  • If exams have to be switched to digital formats in individual modules, you will be informed about such changes by the Exams Office and/or your instructors.
  • For information on testing opportunities for students, please see this news item see this news itemsee this news item from the Philologische Fakultät and the information on the university website.

Access to the University Buildings & Office Hours

  • University buildings are generally open to everybody. Please adhere to the guidelines posted in the individual buildings (medical masks etc.).
  • The university library is open and usable. Please see their website for more information.
  • ASL instructors may differ in how they offer office hours in the upcoming semester (either digitally or in person). Please see the faculty listings for information on everybody’s office hours.

For information on vaccinations for students in particular, please see Leipzig University’s website.

For information on the 2021 summer semester, please see our old news item.

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