The Winter Semester 2021/22 at American Studies Leipzig

Please see our update from September 20 on the upcoming winter semester.

Dear Students,

We want to update you on our plans for the winter term of 2021/22. We hope to be able to return to in-person instruction for as many classes as possible. However, at this point, we cannot tell you definitively how the next semester will look like, since the pandemic situation continues to change dynamically and since we are still missing key information about the upcoming term from the central university management. Nevertheless, we still want to communicate our current intentions to you:

  • We want to return to in-person teaching for most of our classes if there are ways to do so in a reasonably safe environment. These circumstances need to allow for the regular number of students being able to be in a physical classroom. Specifically, this would require the possibility (and infrastructure) to check whether people participating in classes are vaccinated, recovered, or have recently been tested (what in German is called “3G”: “geimpft, genesen, getestet”).
  • If, however, the university cannot provide such infrastructure or does not allow for these possibilities, we will have to switch to digital formats for most of our classes once again, since the current social-distancing rules mean that the university’s seminar rooms are too small to allow everybody to participate in person for all but the smallest of classes (unless these rules get changed).
  • Generally, we do not think that ‘hybrid’ teaching scenarios are a workable solution (they are impractical didactically and organizationally, logistically impossible for students who have to switch between being at home and in class, and also have a tendency to create divisions between students who are physically there and those who can only participate digitally). Hence, we generally want to go for either in-person or digital teaching.
  • In either case, larger lectures (in the BA modules LC-I, SHP-II, and ED-I and in the Lehramt modules 2401 and 1601) will generally remain digital (and asynchronous).

Currently, we are still missing information in order to be able to make these calls, but we will get back to you with more details as soon as we hear more from the university administration. At the latest, we will let you know in mid-September. Until then, please prepare for both options in the winter, a digital or a mostly in-person semester.