UPDATED: The Winter Semester 2021/22 at American Studies Leipzig

Dear Students,

Leipzig University recently announced more information on how the upcoming semester is supposed to be organized, and accordingly, we can now let you know that, generally, all instruction at ASL in the winter term of 2021/22 will take place in person (unless otherwise indicated). The university’s plan allows for the regular number of students to be in a physical classroom while also requiring everybody to be vaccinated, recovered, or to have recently been tested. After three semesters of digital teaching, we look forward to returning to in-person classes, and we want to make sure that this happens in an environment that is as safe as possible.

Hence, please pay attention to the following points:

  • The university released a ‘teaching action plan’ for the upcoming term that details the regulations for in-person classes. Please make sure to read it in detail and to follow its guidelines. It has recently been summarized from a student’s perspective in an email to all students (English version available at the end) and in an FAQ; and the full plan is also available in English and in German.
  • As the university’s action plan indicates, all students and faculty must always carry evidence of ‘3G’ with them: of either being fully vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus (“geimpft”), or having recovered from an infection (“genesen”), or having a recent negative test result (“getestet”). Be prepared for your instructors to check your proof of 3G. Students without it will be expelled from classrooms and might face further consequences. (For information on testing opportunities for students, please see this news item from the Philologische Fakultät.)
  • When entering classrooms, for the purposes of contact tracing, everybody has to digitally register via the “Corona-Warn-App.” Make sure to have this installed on your digital device beforehand. We recommend also using the Corona-Warn-App for your 3G certificates (instead of paper certificates that will take longer to check).
  • Wearing medical face masks is mandatory. See the teaching action plan for situations when these might be taken off.
  • Unlike previously indicated, lectures with fewer than 200 students will also generally take place in person.
  • Generally, students who might be unable to attend in-person classes in the upcoming term should contact their instructors individually, so that we can find individual solutions.

For opportunities to get vaccinated, please also see the university’s website (https://uni-l.de/vaccinationdates / https://uni-l.de/impftermine) for further information.

Please also see our general news item on pandemic-related updates in the winter semester, which includes updated information on in-person/online classes throughout this semester.

We hope that with these guidelines in place, we can manage the safe return to in-person teaching and learning together. Specific regulations might change later in the semester depending on the university’s or Saxony’s guidelines, and we will make sure to update you on our website in such cases.