Suspension of Teaching between Dec. 17 and Jan. 10

Per the university leadership’s decision, all teaching—including digital formats—will be suspended between Dec. 17 and Jan. 10. From the feedback we have received, faculty at American Studies Leipzig understand that this decision makes dealing with the ongoing pandemic easier for some students but that it also presents an additional set of unfortunate challenges for many others.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we at ASL have tried to strike a balance between responding to and accommodating the difficulties the situation presents and maintaining and projecting a certain amount of normalcy. This principle also determines how we see this suspension of teaching: As you know, there is no regular instruction during this time, but apart from that, business continues as planned, and, for example, most office hours will take place as regularly scheduled, as will any specifically scheduled work meetings that you and your instructors have agreed on after the teaching hiatus was announced.

As far as office hours are concerned, we particularly want to draw your attention to the special office hour / hangout / workspace on Thursday, Jan. 7, 3pm on (formerly: yotribe). The URL has been provided to you by your instructors and for students feeling disconnected over the break, this timeslot presents a chance to reconnect. If you haven’t received the URL yet, please reach out to your instructors. We also encourage you to stay in touch with your fellow students during this break. Many of you have joined ASL-related Whatsapp and/or Tiktok groups, and these groups can provide an important form of community over the break.

Teaching will resume on Monday, January 11, and all of ASL faculty look forward to continuing to work with you then.