Summer Semester COVID-19 Updates

We will use this news item to keep you updated on the impact of SARS-CoV-2/COVID on instruction and other curricular aspects in the coming semester. As you know, social distancing procedures are a crucial element in slowing the spread of this virus and in helping the health care system absorb a growing number of cases. Our policies reflect this goal. Within these parameters, they are meant to offer as much structure and guidance as possible and to facilitate as much of a regular learning experience as possible.

Winter Semester

Updated 07-16: For information on the winter semester, please see our new news item.

Lectures and Seminars

  • Updated 06-04: As a general rule, ASL will offer online formats for all regular module exams this semester. Your module instructors / module coordinators can provide you with more information on this on a per-module basis.
  • Updated 04-30: There will be no in-person teaching at ASL for the full summer term 2020. This is in accordance with the university’s guidelines as published by the Studienbüro. We will update this news item shortly with more information on the impact this will have on exams at the end of the semester.
  • Updated 04-22: There will be no in-person teaching at ASL through at least May 10. We are currently still awaiting more specific guidelines on in-person teaching by the university’s central administration, and the online-only phase of the semester may well be extended past May. As we wait for these updates, we have decided to extend the online-only phase to at least May 10. We will update this post as new information becomes available.
  • Updated 04-06: Unless indicated otherwise in the course catalog, classes will start in the week of April 5. Your instructors will contact you via your studserv email address with details. Please make sure to check those.
  • Per the university’s guidelines, no in-person teaching will take place until May 4.
  • We are in the process of exploring different distant teaching / online teaching scenarios to cover the period in which social distancing is required. These online formats will necessarily be imperfect and provisional, but we are confident that they will do as a temporary solution. At this time, we expect the bulk of classes to begin in some distant learning format in April already.
  • We will update this news item and the course catalog over the next two weeks to provide more detailed information on individual modules/classes.


  • Updated 03-31: The two Picador seminars will not take place this semester. Students in modules impacted by this will be offered seats in two alternative modules.
  • Updated 03-20: The SHP-II repeat exam on April 28 has been canceled. We will announce a new date in due time.
  • Updated 03-19: Per the statement published by Prorektor Hofsäss on March 19th, 9am, deadlines for seminar papers that have already been announced and are still open will be extended by 28 days. Deadlines that ended before March 19 are not affected by this decision and remain valid.
    Please note: Regardless of the Prorektor’s decision, ASL strongly advises students to stick to the original deadline so as not to drag out the writing process into the beginning of the semester. Finishing up a paper will not be easier then. Please also note that grading will likely be significantly delayed for papers handed in after the original deadline.
  • Updated 03-16: Please hand in all seminar papers via email to your instructor, attaching the seminar paper as a PDF file (or, alternatively, submit it via Moodle, if your instructor provides for this option). Do not hand in paper copies.
  • We will update you on the procedures for the summer semester’s written exams in due time.
  • We will also update you on those repeat exams that have already been scheduled. We will do so at least two weeks ahead of the exam to make sure that you can plan accordingly.
  • We are awaiting more information on the Staatsexamen oral exams and will update this news item as soon as we know more.
  • Paper deadlines for seminar papers from the winter semester will stay in place; as will the usual regulations for sick days or days in which you have to care for family members, etc.

Consultations / Office Hours

  • Updated 03-17: As of today, the secretariat will be available online only. Please email with any urgent inquiries.
  • Updated 03-16: To help with social distancing procedures, we no longer offer in-person office hours for the foreseeable future. Instructors will advise you remotely in the timeslots posted on the faculty overview page.
    • To receive a remote consultation, email the instructor you want to talk to at least 1 hour before the beginning of the office hours to request a callback.
    • In that request, please include your telephone number.
    • Some instructors might offer additional remote options (via Skype, Google Hangouts, or another solution). Please check the instructor’s page for additional information (if applicable).

Additional Information

  • Updated 03-16: The university library has also shut down in an effort to aid social distancing procedures and to discourage people from unnecessary mingling. The Campus Bibliothek and Albertina will continue to offer checkout and return options (limited opening hours apply). Late fees will be suspended, so you should not rush to the library to return books. To use electronic databases and journal subscriptions from home, please use the webvpn or vpn solutions:
    • Web-VPN allows you to log in to the university network through your regular browser. Simply go to, authenticate using your studserv login, and you are good to go.
    • The full VPN solution allows you to tunnel all internet traffic through the university network, but it requires you to install a client. Details can be found on the URZ page.



Last Update: 2020-06-04