The Summer Semester 2022 at American Studies Leipzig (UPDATE: Apr 13)

Dear Students,

Leipzig University has decided that the summer term of 2022 will generally take place in person. Please see the March 7 and March 25 emails to all students for a bit more information. Accordingly, all ASL classes will also take place in person (unless otherwise noted in the course catalog).

On April 12, the University again updated its hygiene concept and the corresponding FAQs for students. Please make sure to read through these documents carefully in order to inform yourselves about how to take part in classes in the summer term, and to stay up-to-date about potential future changes to these regulations.

At the moment, among other things, we expect all students to wear appropriate medical/FFP2 masks in class rooms and to use the Corona-Warn-App to check into rooms for contact tracing.

[This information was last updated on April 13.]

[For information on the 2021/22 winter semester, please see our old news item.]