SHP Grades, Papers, and Classes in the Summer Term [Updated Thu. 24. Apr.]

While we are all still processing the news of Prof. Garrett's passing, we want to make sure that the ASL community stays informed as much as possible. Please find some basic information below. We will update this news item in the coming days and weeks, so please do check back.


Independent of any official plans by the university, we are beginning to plan a smaller, informal gettogether to give the immediate ASL community — current students and alumni — a chance to remember Crister Garrett and to bid him farewell. This memorial gettogether will take place on April 2nd, 5pm (cf. the respective news item). In addition, the university is preparing a larger, public “Akademische Gedenkfeier” on April 26th, 2pm. For information on that, please see

In the mean time, we have set up a small area in the institute, accessible at all times, where people can express their condolences. Alternatively, please feel free to sign the university's condolence book online. As another form of commemoration, we also direct you to the Garrett family's fundraiser for a Crister S. Garrett scholarship.

Classes in the Summer Term

Details are still in flux, but the SHP-I module will be offered as required per the Studien- und Prüfungsordnung. The course catalog will be available shortly with details on this. We will provide more information on SHP-III and PCTC as soon as possible, hopefully in the third or fourth week of March.

Seminar Papers

We will be in touch with students in iTASK and the Project Module shortly. Grades for SHP-II will be available via Almaweb. For all other students who have handed in a paper with Prof. Garrett and need the grade, or who are have written a paper that they are about to hand in, please get in touch with the ASL secretariat via email and let us know the module, topic, and hand-in date so that we can plan for these papers to be graded. For now, we will merely collect your information and get back to you as soon as we can.

BA/MA Theses

BA and MA theses that have been handed in will be graded by other faculty members. If you are currently in the process of writing your BA or MA thesis, please get in touch with the ASL secretariat via email. We will collect your information and get back to you soon. If you have already handed in your thesis and are awaiting the grade, we will contact you via email as soon as we have reassigned grading responsibility.

Lehramt Exams

We will work to offer the Staatsexams oral exams in the agreed-upon slots and to reassign theses to other faculty to have them graded in a timely manner. If your case is particularly time sensitive, please get in touch with the ASL secretariat via email to let us know so that we can try to prioritize accordingly.