New Book on Representations of the Fifties in Popular Culture

ASL’s Eleonora Ravizza has recently published her dissertation titled Revisiting and Revising the Fifties in Contemporary US Popular Culture: Self-Reflexivity, Melodrama, and Nostalgia in Film and Television. The book was published by J.B. Metzler. It is already available in the university library as an e-book; the print version will follow soon.

From the backcover: “In this book, Eleonora Ravizza analyzes how contemporary American popular culture has represented and reproduced the fifties. By investigating the cultural work of films and TV series from the last two decades, the book uncovers the inherent limitations of a ‘revisionist’ take on the fifties. Ravizza argues that, due to the visual nature of the fifties—crystallized in American consciousness through the widespread influence of television—most contemporary attempts to rework and rewrite the regressive gender, queer, and racial politics fall short of such a revisionist reevaluation.”