Graduation - American Studies Leipzig Alumni Association e.V.

Dear ASL Graduates,

Finishing your degree in American Studies is an outstanding accomplishment and the beginning of a new exciting chapter in every student’s life. This is why the American Studies Leipzig Alumni Association e.V. has celebrated this accomplishment by hosting a graduation ceremony every year since 2016. This year - due to the Covid-19 situation - we have decided to cancel the ceremony. While we are sad we cannot celebrate with you in person, we do think this is the right decision in order to keep everyone healthy and to further slow down the spread of the virus.

However, we do not want you to leave American Studies Leipzig empty-handed. We are planning to mail out the graduation folder all graduates would have received at the ceremony (including your certificate of accomplishment, the university’s alumni magazine, and other useful information to stay in touch with ASL) to everyone who would like one free of charge.

If you would like to receive the graduation folder, please send us your address via e-mail to by 31 July 2020. We will send out the folders after this date. 

We would like to congratulate every ASL student finishing their degree in this extraordinary year and wish you all the best in the future. Oh, the places you’ll go!

All best,

American Studies Leipzig Alumni Association e.V.