Exam Dates Summer Semester 2020

Exam Dates Summer Semester 2020

Bachelor Courses

Module “Society, History, Politics I” (04-001-1002)

Lecture: American Horizons – North American History in a Global Context I: From Colonial Times to the Civil War (PD Dr. Olaf Stieglitz):

  • open-book exams:

          July 13, 2020; 3 - 5 pm (group 1)
          July 15, 2020; 10 am - noon (group 2)

Analytical Seminar (Heather Pruessing):

  • presentations due: August 10, 2020

Tutorial (Heather Pruessing):

  • papers due: August 10, 2020


Module “Introduction to Linguistics for American Studies” (04-001-1003)


Module „Literature & Culture II“ (04-001-1007)

Lecture: “US-American Popular Culture: History, Media, Methods” (Prof. Katja Kanzler):

  • written lecture exam: July 14, 2020; 9:15 – 10:50 am (e-exam)

Seminar: „Understanding Digital Cultures“ (Dr. Stefan Schubert):
Seminar: A Star Is Born: Examining Celebrity Culture in the United States (Annika Schadewaldt):

  • presentations: July 24, 2020
  • papers due: September 6, 2020


 Module „The Anglo-American World in a Global Context“ (04-001-1008)

1107-2a Seminar: „Fictions of Transhumanism: Science as Politics and Policy” (Dr. Katja Schmieder):

  • presentations: July 2, and July 9, 2020
  • papers due: end of August

1107-2b Seminar: The Anglo-American World of Today’s Global Political Economy (Friedrich Opitz):

  • presentations: July 17, 2020
  • papers due: end of August


Module “Society, History, and Politics III” (04-001-1010)

Seminar: Political, Social and Cultural Histories of the Vietnam War (PD Dr. Olaf Stieglitz):

  • papers due: September 30, 2020


Module „Literature & Culture III“ (04-001-1011)

  • oral exams: July 24, 2020


Module “Ethnicity and Diversity in US Culture II:  Multicultural and Multilingual America” (04-001-1012)

1012-1 Seminar: Fictions of Race in American Literature and Culture (Prof. Gabriele Pisarz-Ramírez):

  • paper deadline: August 30, 2020


Master Courses

Module „Political Cultures in a Transatlantic Context“ (04-038-2005)

Seminar: “Fictions of Choice? The Cultural Work of the US Presidential Election” (Dr. Sebastian Herrmann):

  • papers due: August 30, 2020

Seminar: The Irish in America: Role Playing, Politics and Nationalization (PD Dr. Olaf Stieglitz):

  • papers due: September 30, 2020


Module „Media and Society“ (04-038-2006)

Seminar: „Invective Television: On the Forms and Cultural Work of Symbolic Abuse in Popular Media“ (Prof. Katja Kanzler):

  • papers due: September 1, 2020

Seminar: Progressive Cinema - US Society, Reform & Motion Pictures, 1894-1920 (PD Dr. Olaf Stieglitz):

  • papers due: September 30, 2020


Module „Difference and Literature“ (04-038-2007)

Seminar: „A Genre Turn? Genre Fiction, the Literary, and Imaginaries of Social Commentary in 21st-Century Literature“ (Prof. Katja Kanzler):

  • papers due: September 2, 2020

Seminar: „How does it feel to be a problem?“ Literary Negotiations of Blackness from Slavery to the Present (Prof. Gabriele Pisarz-Ramírez):

  • paper deadline: September 2, 2020


Modul “Interamerican Spaces and Latino/a Cultures” (04-038-2016)

  • paper deadline: September 30, 2020


Lehramt Courses

Module 04-AME-1402 „Literatures and Cultures of the USA“

1402-1 Lecture: US-American Literature: Beginnings to Present (Prof. Katja Kanzler):
1402-2a/b/c/d US Cultural History and Politics: Myths and Narratives (Dr. Eleonora Ravizza):
1402-2e/f/g/h US Cultural History and Politics: Values and Institutions (Dr. Eleonora Ravizza):

  • written lecture exam: July 22, 2020: 5:15 – 6:50 pm (e-exam)


Module 04-AME-1701 „US Popular Culture and American Literature“

Seminar: Remembrance, Recovery, Revision: The US-American Neo-Slave Narrative (Mascha Lange):

  • portfolio due: August 1, 2020