Eleonora Ravizza Defends Her Doctoral Thesis

On Thursday, October 24, ASL instructor Eleonora Ravizza successfully defended her doctoral thesis in front of a dissertation committee and an audience of about 20 people. This process is part of receiving a doctorate degree at Leipzig University's Philological Faculty.

In a 30-minute presentation, Ravizza outlined the central findings of her dissertation on “The Fifties in Contemporary US Popular Culture: Self-Reflexivity, Melodrama, and Nostalgia” and discussed a case study of the film Revolutionary Road, which exemplified how the politics of the melodramatic mode interact with the representation of the fifties, particularly in terms of gender. She then answered questions from the committee and her reviewers. After a brief discussion, the committee rated her defense, and her overall doctoral thesis (reviewed by Prof. Anne Koenen and Prof. Katja Kanzler), summa cum laude.