Attention BA Students: Check your module enrollment!

Dear BA Students,

today, we advise you to once more check your sign-up status for American Studies modules in the university’s TOOL system. Please double-check the following items:

  1. Make sure that you are electronically registered for every module you are attending (status “Zugeteilt” or “Bestätigt”). Only if you are registered (and, of course, pass all PVLs) will you be able to receive a grade for the module.
  2. Make sure that you are not registered for any modules that you decided not to attend. Please note that being registered for a module constitutes a Prüfungsanmeldung. Accordingly, if you do not attend a module you are registered for, you will receive a FAIL grade (5.0) for this module. On the other hand, if you properly drop a module, the module will count as “not taken.”
  3. For modules that offer parallel slots, make sure that you are registered for the proper seminar/tutorial slot.

Please note that you will have to attend to this this week. We will finalize all module lists starting Monday, 26 November. If any changes are necessary to your sign-up status, please contact with your student ID (Matrikel) and the changes that need to be made.