ASL's Stefan Schubert Discussed Environmental Storytelling at LNC

On May 11, 2019, the HTWK Leipzig hosted the 13th “Lange Nacht der Computerspiele” (LNC), displaying a variety of video and computer games in numerous booth and rooms and inviting guests to interact with these games. As part of the LNC, a newly founded initiative called lalalab, which aims to celebrate the cultural potentials of video games, was also inaugurated with a festival within the festival, the SpielKulturLabor. In addition to featuring an exhibition that highlighted different ways of interacting with games, the festival included presentations on different facets of video games. ASL's Stefan Schubert gave a talk that discussed spatial—or so-called environmental—storytelling in video games. In a presentation of about 30 minutes and a subsequent discussion with the audience, he examined the storytelling capabilities of video games, highlighted critical attempts at trying to 'validate' video games by mimicking established narrative forms through remediation, pointed to play and narrative as symbolic forms that exist across different media, and proposed the connection between stories and spaces as an alternative way of conceptualizing video games' interest in creating meaningful narrative worlds and making them explorable.

More information on the LNC can be found via an article in the LVZ. In addition, the founders of lalalab have also been interviewed about the SpielKulturLabor by Rudolf Inderst, who also spoke at the event.